CEO’s to Meet Over Youth Unemployment

As reported by EWN on the Jobs Summit by journalist Koketšo Motau

JOHANNESBURG – As the high youth unemployment continues to be a major crisis in the country, some of the top CEOs say they are concerned about this.

They will be meeting at the Jobs Summit at Sandton’s Maslow Hotel on Monday to address possible job creation for young people.

The summit will also involve CEOs across different sectors where they are expected to confront the country’s challenges head-on.

The Job Summit’s Sunil Geness says these companies are coming together to share best practices and jointly come up with new approaches to create 100,000 jobs in 2018.

“The Jobs Summit has been established to bring together people with a common vision and purpose who are responsible and are determined to improve the job situation in South Africa. The economy has grown sluggishly in the past year and we have a high unemployment rate.”

Geness says the rating agency downgrade is also a challenge affecting the economic growth which leads to no job creation.

“Essentially by downgrading, the agencies give the rest of the world an opinion that we’re not a destination for investment or that we’re a shaky destination for investment.”


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