Powerfm987 Podcast – Interview Stefan Lauber

Stefan Lauber – Outcomes from the Jobs Summit

Interview on PowerFM987 – Stefan Lauber speaks on POWER Hour Podcast

Brief Summary of the points made:

In this interview Stefan Lauber from the Ubuntu Initiative answered questions around the Jobs Summit Initiative.

He was asked whether this initiative was just for CEO’s or whether it was a multi-stakeholder platform?

In his response, he noted that this was a multi-stakeholder platform with an emphasis on getting leadership and CEO support. He said the conference had been attended by various stakeholders from government, unions, community organisations and companies.

In response to a question on whether this was a bottom up, community based initiative, he said that it was bottom up in the sense that it was started by ordinary South Africans who wanted to make a difference and who wanted to do something to help the youth of this country.

“Nobody is going to solve anything if we don’t take a step forward ourselves.” – Stefan Lauber

Stefan went on to outline the outcome of the summit. In so doing, he outlined the approach of the Jobs Summit Initiative.

“So often we go to conferences, great ideas, but when we go into the parking lot, these ideas stay behind, and we drive off” – Stefan Lauber

And to avoid being another talk-shop, he went on to outline the Jobs Summit approach. Stefan spoke about three phases to this initiative:

Before the event: 20 industries have been part of the 12-month build-up to this conference.

At the event: This conference was important, he said, as it was celebratory and recognized the work done by the various industry task teams.  The conference was also about confirming commitment from leadership and CEO’s in the year ahead.

After the event: 2018 would be all about taking the plans, putting in place project management structures and then implementation across these 20 industries. He said by the end of 2018 it will be about reporting back on the achievements of the year and ensuring accountability.

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