Stefan Lauber

Executive Director Ubuntu Initiative

As Managing Director of i-Fundi and Executive Director of the Ubuntu Initiative, Stefan Lauber has made a significant contribution to job creation and talent development in South Africa. Working for i-Fundi, he has been with one of the first to implement learnerships. He has seen first-hand how inexperienced youth become an asset to their employers if given a chance and the right training. Over the years he has contributed directly to the employment of over 13 000 learners.

Realising that the continued growth of youth unemployment is rapidly becoming a threat to the future of South Africa, Stefan has dedicated his time and energy over past two years preparing for the upcoming Jobs Summit.

All this is a direct translation of Stefan’s passion for the development and advancement of people. While directing the Centre for Community Development, serving as a researcher at Wits University or working as a senior consultant with Deloittes, Stefan’s personal mission has been to make a difference in the lives of the communities and people he works with.

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