Jobs Summit at the Future of Technology Conference 2018

With the fourth industrial revolution upon us, there are fears that technology will kill jobs. But delegates at the Future of Technology conference underway in Johannesburg heard that more jobs are being created but they are for highly skilled people. The Information Technology Association and the Job Summit have pledged to create 75-thousand jobs over the next three years.

Footage by SABC News.

Jobs Summit | Press Statement Feb 2018

President’s new cabinet ready for the Jobs Summit President Cyril Ramaphosa declared 2018 as the year of job creation. How well is the new cabinet suited to advance that goal? From the perspective of the Jobs Summit, we say; President Ramaphosa is doing everything possible to stabilise the country. By in large, the people he […]

Press Statement

PRESS STATEMENT                                              TO: All members of the media RE: JOB SUMMIT The country’s top CEOs will be meeting to address possible job creation for young people. Right now, another 700 000 matriculates will graduate, and more than half of them will be unemployed. The situation is reaching crisis proportion. In 2017 alone, another million youth […]

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